Oil Shale Conference



Traditional oil shale conference in Ida-Viru County initiates the oil shale industry to bring together different stakeholders –

scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers, engineers and others – to discuss actual topics.


Oil Shale Competence Centre (OSCC) is a structural unit of Virumaa College of Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ). It was

established in 2011 in the eastern part of Estonia in industrial town Kohtla-Järve.


The Centre is characterized by its capability to sell or promote know-how of shale mining, processing and power engineering to the enterprises via (foreign) partner networks, to provide the best possible level of competencies as well as to enable applying oil shale know-how in another associated fields.


Oil shale conferences arranged by OSCC in collaboration with Virumaa College every year since 2009 are focused on actual topics as innovation, history, environmental issues, assessment and regulation, cooperation, education and sustainable technology.

OSCC concentrates on oil shale know-how and its application in the relevant environmental subjects. OSCC is a successful developing organization capable to start, manage and implement development projects essential for the domain.

With the assistance of OSCC the problems connected with the change of scientists generation in the field of oil shale investigations and applications have been overcome in Estonia. A new generation of Estonian scientists and R&D employees have been assessed as experts in the new countries which have started oil shale mining and use.

Thereby Estonia holds a leading position of its competency in oil shale field as well as has created favorable conditions for high international competitiveness of oil shale cluster and its enterprises, that in its turn is the basis for sustainability of Ida-Viru County.



Oil Shale Competence Center


OSCC provides:

- Laboratory services

The OSCC has a Laboratory of Fuel Technology as essential part of its structure. The laboratory is a descendant of former Oil Shale Institute and maintains its traditions and know-how since 1958.

Laboratory acts on commercial basis and offers research and analysis services. The main partners of laboratory are enterprises of oil shale sector or relevant firms and scientific institutions world-wide.

The main objective of laboratory is to be a world-wide accepted research-analytical centre in oil shale field and offer our partners and clients high-quality services of applied research.

Laboratory provides single or multiple (provisional) analyses (including large sets) and/or project based works by solving problems of enterprises or testing of smart solutions by applied research.

Although the laboratory concentrates on oil shale research, it is also possible to analyse and investigate other fossil fuels and biofuels as well as solid waste (including waste plastic) in accordance with the possibilities and operating trends of the laboratory (see below)


- Intellectual property services

In the OSCC it is possible to order research of industrial ownership, including theme research – for determination of novelty of a developed technical solution and development activities, technological monitoring – for getting overview of recently published information concerning industrial ownership in the field, company research – for getting overview of innovation and industrial ownership related activities of the companies of interest, monitoring of competitors – in order to know constantly the activities of competing companies in the field and monitor new protected technical solutions and relevant markets. It is also possible to order small-scale operative informative reviews on a specific topic and broader overviews of know-how, which cover research and development activities, research projects, scientific researches in the field and other relevant research information.

Additionally it is possible to order information from the database of the OSCC of Viru College of TUT, which includes Estonian inventions in the field of oil shale, Estonian utility models, inventions protected with author’s certificate in the USSR and foreign inventions. It is possible to order overviews of inventions, full texts of invention descriptions and reviews of research reports in the field of oil shale chemistry.


- Business incubator

Rent of contemporary chemistry laboratories

The business incubator of the OSCC is the only centre in Estonia renting out contemporary chemistry laboratories with low fixed costs. The total number of rental laboratories is 6 and they are equipped with basic laboratory equipment, such as fume cupboards, scales, mixers, fridges, centrifuges. All laboratories are ready for using central gas supply of the building and renting laboratory equipment needed for operation. Qualified labour force, chemical engineers and laboratory staff are available for a short period together with the chemistry laboratory.

Business incubator

Business incubator is a cooperation centre for a team wishing to realise a business idea and for a starting or growing company. The incubator will help the team to grow into a business and accelerates development of a starting company. Operating in the business incubator has several advantages. A supporting environment, where the company is located, is as important as the business development service provided by the incubator. Starting companies, already operating companies developing their products, researchers, engineers and the Oil Shale Competence Centre work side by side on daily basis. University campus is located in the vicinity of the incubator, providing convenient accommodation possibilities for the teams working in incubator laboratories.

Inspiring environment

Inspiring environment in the centre of oil shale and chemical industries - The incubator is located in an industrial area with long history, specialised on oil shale chemistry, energy and chemistry. Virumaa College of Tallinn University of Technology is operating in the vicinity of the incubator, while the Research and Testing Laboratory of Fuel Technology of the OSCC is located in the same building.