Poster presentations                                           



1) Pikkor, H., Maaten, B., Siirde, A. (Tallinn University onf Technology – TTÜ, Estonia)

   “Fast pyrolysis as a new approach to the upgrading of oil shale retorting methods”


2) Pihu, T., Konist, A., Neshumayev, D., Loo, L. (TTÜ)

   „Combustion of fuel mixtures in oil shale fired CFBC and PC boilers“


3) Eldermann, M., Gusca, J., Siirde, A. (TTÜ)

   “Life Cycle Assessment of Enhanced Oil Shale Retorting Technology”


4) Neshumayev, D., Pihu, T., Konist, A., Siirde, A. (TTÜ)

   “The oil-shale 1.5d combustion model for circulating fluidized bed (СFB) boilers


5) Tamm, K., Viires, R., Zuravljova, A., Otto, K., Kuusik, R., Uibu, M.(TTÜ)

    „Calcium Extraction from Estonian Industrial Ash with Ammonium Solvents for Production of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate“


6) Maaten, B., Konist, A., Siirde, A. (TTÜ)

   “Investigating the pyrolysis of oil shale using TGA-MS”


7) Ots, K. (Estonian University of Life Sciences- EMU), Irha, N., Reinik, J. (National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics –NICPB, Estonia)

    “Use of granulated CFB boiler ash in the cutaway peatland: effect on the growth of plants


8) Kuura, L, Tilk, M., Ots, K. (EMU), Aguraijuja, K. (Estonian Private Forest Union), Orru, M. (TTÜ)

    “The effect of nutrient-rich ashes (oil shale ash and wood ash) on the biomass formation of Silver birch and Scots pine seedlings on a        cutaway peatland”


9) Khaskhachikh, V. (G.M. Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering Institute, Moskow)

    "Experimental study of heat-mass transfer processes of oil shale pyrolysis by solid head carrier"


10) Jefimova, J., Pihl, O. (TTÜ)

   „Treatment of oil shale processing wastes


11) Pihl,O., Riisalu,H., Hruškova, M. (TTU)

Thermogravimetric Analysis of Polymer Waste Products and their Mixtures with Oil Shale


12) Rauwel, P. (TTÜ, PRO-1 NANOSolutions OÜ), Behr, A., Küünal, S., Volobujeva, O. (TTÜ), Soukand, Ü. (Estonian Environmental Research Centre), Rauwel, E. (TTÜ, PRO-1 NANOSolutions OÜ)

„Sand based nanocomposite applied to heavy metal ions extraction from polluted water“


13) Sidorkin, K. Bersenev (ENTEH Engineering AS, Estonia), A. Tugov (Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia)

    “Utilization of oil shale thermal processing gaseous by-products“


14) Sidorkin (ENTEH Engineering AS, Estonia), A. Truhniy, G. Olhovskiy, A. Tugov (Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia)

    “Application of gas turbine tecnologies for the utilization of gaseous by-products of oil shale thermal processing”


15) Sindern, J., Karro, S., Nagla, E. (Estonian Academy of Arts-EKA)

    „Defusing Semi-Coke“


16) Pointner, Tungal, Taul (EKA)

     „Püssi Mountain“


17) Vertjajeva, Rudaeff (EKA)

    „Ash Block“


18) "Jewelry from oil shale" (EKA)