Paola Migliorini, Team Leader Circular Economy, European Comission
"Fostering the transition in Europe: the Circular Economy Action Plan"


Ado Lõhmus, Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of the Environment, Estonia
„Circular economy in Estonia“


Arina Koroljova, Technical Manager, Eesti Energia AS, Estonia
„Burnt Shale - new challengies in use, transportation and legalisation“


Marti Viirmäe, Head of Technical and Development Department, Viru Keemia Grupp AS, Estonia
„Oil shale as a raw material for chemicals: challenge implementing circular economy concept“


Tiit Kaljuvee PhD, Senior Researcher , Institute of Material and Environmental Technology Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
”Granulation of oil shale ashes for neutralizing of acidic soils”


Janek Reinik PhD, Research Fellow, National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Estonia
„Granulation of CFB OSA and characterization of the product“


Pilleriin Laanemets, Managing Director, Estonian Plastic Association, CEO, Estonia
„Possibilities of using burnt oil shale in polymer industry“


Veiko Karu PhD, Senior Researcher Scientist, Department of Geology, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

„Future Development Opportunities on Estonian Mining Research“


Poster presentations                                           



1) Pikkor, H., Maaten, B., Siirde, A. (Tallinn University onf Technology – TTÜ, Estonia)

   “Fast pyrolysis as a new approach to the upgrading of oil shale retorting methods”


2) Pihu, T., Konist, A., Neshumayev, D., Loo, L. (TTÜ)

   „Combustion of fuel mixtures in oil shale fired CFBC and PC boilers“


3) Eldermann, M., Gusca, J., Siirde, A. (TTÜ)

   “Life Cycle Assessment of Enhanced Oil Shale Retorting Technology”


4) Neshumayev, D., Pihu, T., Konist, A., Siirde, A. (TTÜ)

   “The oil-shale 1.5d combustion model for circulating fluidized bed (СFB) boilers


5) Tamm, K., Viires, R., Zuravljova, A., Otto, K., Kuusik, R., Uibu, M.(TTÜ)

    „Calcium Extraction from Estonian Industrial Ash with Ammonium Solvents for Production of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate“


6) Maaten, B., Konist, A., Siirde, A. (TTÜ)

   “Investigating the pyrolysis of oil shale using TGA-MS”


7) Ots, K. (Estonian University of Life Sciences- EMU), Irha, N., Reinik, J. (National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics –NICPB, Estonia)

    “Use of granulated CFB boiler ash in the cutaway peatland: effect on the growth of plants


8) Kuura, L, Tilk, M., Ots, K. (EMU), Aguraijuja, K. (Estonian Private Forest Union), Orru, M. (TTÜ)

    “The effect of nutrient-rich ashes (oil shale ash and wood ash) on the biomass formation of Silver birch and Scots pine seedlings on a        cutaway peatland”


9) Khaskhachikh, V. (G.M. Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering Institute, Moskow)

    "Experimental study of heat-mass transfer processes of oil shale pyrolysis by solid head carrier"


10) Jefimova, J., Pihl, O. (TTÜ)

   „Treatment of oil shale processing wastes


11) Pihl,O., Riisalu,H., Hruškova, M. (TTU)

Thermogravimetric Analysis of Polymer Waste Products and their Mixtures with Oil Shale


12) Rauwel, P. (TTÜ, PRO-1 NANOSolutions OÜ), Behr, A., Küünal, S., Volobujeva, O. (TTÜ), Soukand, Ü. (Estonian Environmental Research Centre), Rauwel, E. (TTÜ, PRO-1 NANOSolutions OÜ)

„Sand based nanocomposite applied to heavy metal ions extraction from polluted water“


13) Sidorkin, K. Bersenev (ENTEH Engineering AS, Estonia), A. Tugov (Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia)

    “Utilization of oil shale thermal processing gaseous by-products“


14) Sidorkin (ENTEH Engineering AS, Estonia), A. Truhniy, G. Olhovskiy, A. Tugov (Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia)

    “Application of gas turbine tecnologies for the utilization of gaseous by-products of oil shale thermal processing”


15) Sindern, J., Karro, S., Nagla, E. (Estonian Academy of Arts-EKA)

    „Defusing Semi-Coke“


16) Pointner, Tungal, Taul (EKA)

     „Püssi Mountain“


17) Vertjajeva, Rudaeff (EKA)

    „Ash Block“


18) "Jewelry from oil shale" (EKA)



For speakers



Circular economy


Circular economy is an economic model designed to let circulate resources in the economy as long as possible.

This is a production and consumption system, which produces the least possible losses and still generated scrap

or waste could be used as a new resource. After products life cycle ending,

they can be collected and recycled and some derived materials could be used

for new products manufacturing. In ideal world, where we are striving,

almost all recycled products could be used for new products production.

Transformation of products and industrial processes will help to minimize wastage and to convert unused products

to the resources again. So would primary resources from nature remain still there.

Oil shale production wastes generated in the industry for many years has been a

challenge for the companies who ordinarily are looking for innovative solutions

to canalise production waste to efficient recycling.

This activity will help to spare oil shale as a natural resource,

create a low-carbon economy, make the production more environmentally friendly

and resource-efficient, and create new jobs.


Oil shale conference content

The Conference main topics are circular economy and

innovative solutions in oil shale industry.

We are waiting for researchers and industry experts to share

the latest developments in oil shale studies, technologies and projects.

Oil Shale Conference expounds the concept of circular economy in oil shale sector, observes the waste generated in the industry and introduces innovative solutions and opportunities for their use, and other related issues.

The Conference participants will have a unique opportunity to visit regional oil shale enterprises –

Auvere power plant and Enefit280 oil factory (Eesti Energia AS Enefit Energiatootmine AS),

Petroter oil factory and mining (Viru Keemia Grupp AS)

and Pohja-Kivioli shale quarry (Kiviõli Keemiatööstuse OÜ).


Call for presentation topics

The Oil Shale Conference organizers welcome your presentation topics for oral presentation or poster presentations.

The submission period of presentation abstracts is June 1 – July 31, 2017.

The submitted topics will be confirmed by August 18, 2017.

The submission period of presentation thesis is 15th September 15, 2017.

Final Conference shedule will be approved and published at 5th October, 2017.


Conference arrangement

The working language of the Conference is English.

The visits to the companies for the interested participants will be organized during the first day of the Conference:

- Auvere power plant and Enefit280 oil factory (Eesti Energia AS, Enefit Energiatootmine AS),

- Petroter oil factory and mining (Viru Keemia Grupp AS) and

- shale quarry (Kivioli Keemiatoostuse OÜ).

Corporate visits are arranged on the basis of pre-registration. The number of participants is limited and working language is English.

The second day of the Conference is devoted to oral and poster presentations.

Oral part is divided into two panels, each of 5 presentations by 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions.

Lunch break is between the panels. The panel discussion will take place after the second panel (the topic of the discussion will be specified after collecting of theses).

Posters will be placed on the walls in the foyer.

Poster size: A0, in printed up

Language: English.

The presenter of poster presentation will have possibility for elevator speech up to 2 minutes. These short presentations will take place after the first panel by the side of posters.

Conference abstracts of oral and poster presentations will be published in the conference book on the organizer's website. Poster presentations are put up by an appellant or by the organizer - in this case they should be sent by regular mail.

The presentations (oral and poster presentations) topics, and abstracts submission:

All essential information should be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with submitting the following information:

Desired type of presentation: oral or poster

Title and a brief explanation of the content (up to 200 characters)

Author (s), degree, institution/university, department, state, region

Contact information: e-mail address, phone number,

Submission of abstracts is added:

Content: The main theses presentation of narrative text: the purpose or hypothesis, a description of the study, conclusions, summary; tables and graphs

The theses volume: up to 2500 characters (2 pages)

Submission: Word document to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional information to speakers and delegates:

- speakers and delegates themselves are responsible for travel and hotel costs;
- the Conference will be held in English, with synchronous translation in conference from English into Estonian;
- Conference is free of charge;
- Conference is supported by the European Union's Regional Development Fund, Eesti Energia AS, Viru Keemia Grupp AS and Kivioli Keemiatoostuse OÜ.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the conference structure.

Conference organizer:

Oil Shale Competence Center

Tallinn University of Technology (TTU) Virumaa College

Annely Oone, Communication Officer, +3725210802, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 

Official webpage of the conference: